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Leisure Pools Swest

Service Contracts or Supplies for your Swimming  Pool Care

Our Place of business is better know as Leisure Pools and is situated opposite Mini Market parking.
Having been in the swimming pool business since 1985 our knowledge and understanding of the climatic conditions that effect your pool is substantial.
We enter into contract agreements with our clients for time periods of your choice.

With four teams available your pool will be maintained and kept up to our high standard.

Visit our shop for all your swimming pool requirements.

To keep your pool looking this good the chlorinator and pump need to be regularly serviced and maintained. We do service contracts if you need assistance..

In our stores you will find a range of chemicals that will cure whatever your problem is be it algae or rust.
If your Ph is wrong have a look at our Ph testers

Take the work out of sweeping your pool with a good pool cleaner. We have a number of different pool cleaners in our store. Come passed and we will advise you which would be the most suitable for your pool.


Mobile: 082 783 7221
Specialty: Shop Manager


Mobile: 084 506 8846
Specialty: Admin Accounts


Mobile: 079 180 9167
Specialty Technician / Fiberglass repairs


Mobile: 083 230 8363
Specialty: Technician

6B Dirkie Uys Street,
Somerset West

Phone: 021 851 6325
Fax: 021 851 8533

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